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"Technology is always growing and advancing. Through AVL I am able to help our clients have a lifestyle where technology works with them. From staying connected with the world through the network, to controlling their security and entertainment systems. We love being a part of their technology journey."

- Shehryar Siddiqi, Founder

AVL Inc is a team of experienced low voltage experts who are committed to your security and safety. We deliver excellence right at your doorsteps with a commitment driven by sheer compassion and honesty. AVL Inc. believes in building friendly and long-lasting relations with its clients based on trust and mutual loyalty. Get closer to a paradigm in Automation by counting on us for our professionalism, meticulous and prompt service delivery based on strong values and ideals.

Our Values

client Commitment
To go beyond the standard scope of customer service.
well informed
To go beyond the standard scope of customer service.
To go beyond the standard scope of customer service.
To go beyond the standard scope of customer service.

Our Procedure


We're committed to delivering the best advice and options for our customers. That's why we interview every client, asking about their needs so that they can get what you need along with an expert who will make sure everything works out perfectly for them.


Inventing requires time and knowledge. By taking the time to get to know our client, we can custom tailor their package to provide the exact experience they desire. Whether it be a reliable high-speed connection at home, or wanting to create a thunderous home theatre experience in your living room - AVL will take the time to make sure you are satisfied.


A product is only as good as its installation. With our certified and knowledgeable installers, we can guarantee that things will work the way they are meant to. Whether it's a new build or renovations to your existing space, you can rest easy knowing your installers are masters of their trade.


Once all the work is done, making everything speak to one another can be a complicated process. We take this step away from you by doing everything for you. This gives you a turnkey installation without the hassle of your items not working properly.


We take you to school! We love playing around with new tech and take the time to make sure you love it as much as we do. A thorough training of your new products will move past the headache and straight into the luxury.

our Experts

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