Get corner-to-corner Wi-Fi coverage with our network set-up techniques.

Did You Know?

ISP provided routers ONLY allow up-to 10 connected devices without affecting the bandwidth (internet speed)

Wi-Fi extenders are used to mimic a signal to boost the range

Wireless access point (WAP) is directly connected to the network serving as a hot-spot; not dependent on recieving a signal

Wi-Fi mesh is a series of multiple repeaters connected to one wireless signal; Dependent on a main signal

Download speed determines how fast you can pull data from a network connected server. In most connections, download speeds are higher than upload speeds because most network activity (video streaming & loading web pages) consists of downloading.

Upload speed is the speed at which data is transferred from your device to others connected to the internet; sending files via e-mail & video chatting others (your video feed to others).

Ping speed is measured in milliseconds(ms). This measures how fast you get a response when the request is sent out.

Jitter also known as packet delay variation. Measures the variation in ping speed over time. A high Jitter may not cause problems for basic usage but can cause buffering or lagging when streaming video,or playing video games. 

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